Job- and Top-Sharing

A careful selection process for Job and Top Sharing duos is crucial as it lays the foundation for a successful collaboration. The ability to deal with differences is essential to unleash the full potential of collaboration and constructively overcome challenges.


With our psychometric assessment specially designed for this topic, we advise and support your company throughout the entire employee life cycle of a job or top-sharing partnership - from the matching process to onboarding as well as targeted coaching for joint reflection in order to make optimum use of potential and successfully overcome challenges - according to your needs.

"Top-Sharing: two personalities, one vision - double success."

Your benefits

Precise partner selection

Our assessment procedure enables a precise selection of Job and Top Sharing partners based on individual preferences, work styles, and personality traits.

Increase in productivity

The targeted selection and adaptation of work styles lead to increased productivity for partners and, consequently, the Job and Top Sharing duo.

Conflict prevention

Individual analysis minimizes the risk of conflicts by early identification and addressing of potential differences in preferences and work styles.

Identification and overcoming of obstacles

Accompaniment enables the early identification and targeted overcoming of potential obstacles to ensure smooth collaboration and maximize the success of the partnership.