Offers for companies

Overview of our services


Do you want professional support in filling a key position? Our assessment process helps you identify the right candidates for open positions. Analyzing the personality traits and competencies of your applicants assists you—as an employer—to better assess whether your candidates fit the corporate culture and job requirement profile.

Job- and Top-Sharing

The strength of our time lies in the diversity of working models. Job and top sharing show us the way to a more flexible, inclusive and future-oriented working environment. We are happy to support you in this matter throughout the entire employee life cycle.


Coaching offers the opportunity to deal with one's own personality, to develop professional skills and to promote personal growth.

Leadership Development

Our offer gives both prospective and experienced managers the opportunity to develop their full potential and to strengthen their personality. We accompany and guide you through a journey of intensive self-reflection and professional coaching, supported by a comprehensive personality assessment, as you further develop your leadership skills.

Team development

Our team development aims not only to strengthen the team but also to develop individual personalities. We place great emphasis on self-awareness and improved communication skills as a means to use each team member effectively. We support the development and use of an individual’s full potential through targeted reflection and professional coaching.


Conflict can occur in any organization, but they don't have to be insurmountable. We are trained to help you resolve conflict and create a productive work environment. We encourage open communication, empathy and collaboration as ways to arrive at sustainable solutions that are acceptable to all parties.