Couple counseling

Couples counseling improves relationships, promotes communication, helps resolve conflicts and strengthens your understanding of each other. It can be used at different stages of the relationship: for prevention, conflict resolution or simply for making general improvements.

Partnership means going through ups and downs together and growing along the way

Examples of application fields

conflict resolution

Offers a safe space for open conversations, to expose conflicts and to find common solutions.

improving communications

Lets you recognize relationship patterns and behaviors for deep understanding. Provides techniques for clear communication, active listening, and respectful interaction.

life changes

We offer support with the stress of life events. We guide through processes to help you in setting goals, developing visions, and/or making decisions for the future together, as well as strengthening your relationship.


Constructive guidance for a respectful separation or divorce.

Overall, couples counseling provides a space for reflection, communication and personal growth within the relationship. It can help to strengthen the relationship, solve problems and promote the partnership in a healthy and fulfilling way.