Mediation offers you a professional and effective method to resolve conflicts between individuals or groups in a constructive way. As mediators, we guide you through the entire process to find joint solutions based on your individual needs.

"I'm more interested in the future than in the past, because the future is where I intend to live."

Albert Einstein

Whether it's family conflict, neighborhood disputes or personal relationship issues, mediation can help you manage conflict and preserve relationships constructively. We are here to help you meet your individual needs and to find the best solutions.

Reasons for mediation

confidential atmosphere

Mediation offers a protected space for open discussions that address conflicts.

customized and long-term solutions

Mediation makes it possible to develop customized solutions, which meet the needs of all the involved parties and are sustainable.

preservation of relationships

A respectful mediation process allows you to preserve relationships and to strengthen or revive them.


Mediation enables the involved parties to participate actively in finding a solution and to make their own decisions.